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I know I can help you and in one “get to know each other” conversation, you will walk away with tips you can implement immediately 

I know I can help You with Your Job Search. 

in one “get to know each other” Session, you will walk away with tips you can implement immediately

Stop feeling irrelevant or invisible because your applications/resumes are not getting any responses.  And stop blaming some perceived obstacle/s  (your age, experience, salary… you fill in the blank) instead of the old fashioned process that you’re using; the right coach can help you overcome any perceived obstacles. Schedule your free session today and let me explain

a better way, Winner’s Pitch®.  Call 561-945-0222 or schedule online.

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Strategies for today’s job seeker

Do you know LinkedIn Protocols? Is your resume set up for SEO’s & HR Scanners? 

What about your interviewing collateral….are you Up To Date?

Technology, social media and a changing economic climate have altered today’s job market and that in turn has altered the way professionals need to look for a new career.  If you have been applying to Job boards, reworking your resume each time you apply, and waiting around for a response you already know the frustrations of the 35+ year old resume and application process. It’s not only frustrating, it’s not good enough anymore. Today, less than 15% of you are getting jobs using that method.

In the world now, job seekers MUST have a good LinkedIn profile; MUST make connections, and MUST know how to sell themselves in a new and contemporary market place.

Winner’s Pitch Career Coaching gives you the tools you need to do just that.

For Those of you who are seeking that ideal job where everything just comes together and fits- This Website is dedicated to You. 

On it, you will find the resources to reach that ‘Ideal’ in the fastest, most effective and efficient way.

Winner’s Pitch® is that way

You’ll make a good Winner’s Pitch® candidate if…

  • You are looking for $80,000.00, $100,000.00, $200,000.00 or more annually.

  • You are ready and willing to be coached: Open to new ideas and the possibility of rethinking your job search approach. 

  • You understand that a career transition takes effort and are prepared to put in that effort.

  • Your ‘why’ is strong.  Whether it’s a drive for excellence or a need for speed or a chance to broaden your reach, you are motivated.

  • You believe in yourself and investing in your future.