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When you are ready; whether your drive is to excellence, or by a need for speed or a chance to broaden your reach, hiring the right Career Transitions Coach will get you there. Here are the   five questions to ask:  ...READ MORE

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How Selling Your Experience May Sabotage Your Job Search Results! Find Out Why!

The 2016 Presidential Election has great takeaways for Job Seekers. Whether you voted for Trump for president or not, there are good lessons that job seekers can learn from his candidacy and result. Firstly, he proved that you do not have to have the “industry” or “exact job experience” to get the job. What you do have to have is a campaign and a value proposition that speaks directly to your audience’s emotions and promises to do something to help them in areas that are important to them, not you!  ...READ MORE

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A Job Seeker’s Story! One Thousand Applications with Several Resume Revisions, and Still No Interview Until I Tried This Unconventional Approach!

Hello Grace,

Although we have not formally met, I’ve been following your LinkedIn Posts over the last few months, which by the way, I’ve also read on www.TheThreeTomatoes.comwebsite.

LinkedIn Or Linked Out?

How To Remain A Member Of  The 'In' Crowd

If you have been a LinkedIn member since the beginning, you probably have benefitted from the exposure and connections you have acquired over the years. And, if you are like me, you may have also been stopped without notice for “over connecting” according to LinkedIn rules, which can be vague at times. ...READ MORE

What's Your Networking IQ?

Eight Steps To Improve Your Score

For many professionals, the word "networking" generates pain that's similar to a root canal without novocaine. And yet, to circumvent the dreaded and dated application process, networking is the way to career and business success.  ...READ MORE

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The Wrong Job Disease...Are You At Risk?

Your job impacts everything in your life including your health. Moreover, the wrong job’s impact on your life and health can be extremely detrimental. Ask yourself the 12 questions below. If you answer yes to more than half, you may have ‘The Wrong Job Disease”.   ...READ MORE

How To Create A Job-Winning Pitch

Searching for a job today is like running your own business. You are the product, and you must pitch yourself and your specialty to a market of employers to make the sale. ...READ MORE

Competing For A New Job, Position Or Promotion?

Three Surprising Ways To Stand Out

What do your LinkedIn profile and resume generate in the minds of those who read it? Does it produce a frown and a "Huh, what's that got to do with my business?" or does it create a smile and an “I’m intrigued. I want to learn more"? To uncover what your target audience needs will take some effort on your end, but it will be worth it if you land the position or promotion. ...READ MORE

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Wake Up Your Resume With These Tips

Resumes have come a long way since Leonardo da Vincicreated the first official one in 1482. They have become a business in and of itself with professional resume writers, graphic artists, and videographers helping to create them. In the years that I have been working with individuals in their career transitions, I have found that the best way to ruin a resume is to make it too long and cumbersome to read.  ...READ MORE